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Mindtronic AI specializes in designing fully inter- and intra-active HMI for an univeral and immersive 3D experience.

Mindtronic AI provides design service to integrate the embedded AI framework, model, and applications into a full stack automotive hardware and software platform.

Mindtronic AI offers edge computed real-time DMS (Driver Monitoring System)  in an embedded automotive sub-system.



We design unique 3D immersive UI and interactive UX. 

Modifying our expectations

The disappearance of commands

UI and UX complexity to create simplicity in a challenging environment.

AI enabled

Intra- and Inter-Interactive features

3D to beautify and convey emotions


New techniques and design innovations have created a whole new world of 3D UI in the automotive industry.

We expect a vehicle to be easy to control and this has driven OEM to design vehicles with hundreds of commands, shaping our expectation of a highly functional and commandable vehicle.

In a world with AI, the machine enters into a metamorphose and is allowed to come to the driver in the meantime reducing the driver's command to a mere yes or no.

Our expectations can finally transit from easy commands to no command at all.

In this age, Mindtronic AI, is the leading expert in the creation of AI-driven UX and UI allowing a radical modification of our expectations and benefiting all stakeholders.

Today, A.I. is not anymore a fancy word to describe a  sole-purpose black box algorithm.

With increasing electronic component complexity, A.I. enables limitless Intra- and Inter- Interaction and customization.

From Multi-level biometric to destination inference and driver-passenger shared display, the car has reached the age of "Inference".

This means that Intra-Interactive modalities and architecture will require a new a set of skills to handle the complexity and opportunities. Mindtronic AI approaches this raising issue with a highly comprehensive solution and the access to a global picture including the latest Self-Driving technologies. This also means that the opportunities offered by Intra-Interactive features can transpose into exciting Inter-Interactive features to propels car HMI to a new level.

As a matter of facts, the number of opportunities is so wide that fast prototyping and design iteration phase will become more and more important. In that regard Mindtronic AI will lead the market with strategic partners enabling fast design iteration cycles till design requirements are established. Using the power of A.I. these innovative Inter-Interactive features are expected to reinforce current trends like NLP and Self-Driving while bringing new interaction modes such as Gaze control and more.

The power of 3D is in its ability to convey real life representation of objects thus representing associated emotions.

With new cutting-edge real time rendering techniques, new displays and lens technologies the opportunities enlarge for vehicle manufacturers.

At Mindtronic AI we take 3D as the beautifier and conveyor of our UI and UX emotions.




Design the next generation software and hardware stack for smart vehicles

Instrument Cluster

IVI - Central console

Domain controller


Embedded computer vision

Embedded Deep Learning framework

What is an A.I. Digital Cockpit ?

The disappearance of command

The AI digital cockpit serving passengers and drivers.

The new era of shared infotainment.

The importance of design and flexibility.

A.I. foundation for digital cockpit developers

The advent of Self-Driving vehicle does not mean a simpler interaction with the vehicle. Indeed, the number of actions required to feel good in a vehicle you use only as a taxi can easily be very constraining. This situation in which every ride requires a set up time of AC and radio and set position can become rapidly unpleasant. This situation can even be felt by family sharing one or more vehicle. Adding a global transformation toward a digital life and the growing need for continuous digital content, the current car cockpit is far from pleasing.

The AI Digital cockpit is a set of A.I. based technology allowing anyone to be recognized and treated the way they would be by another human. The A.I. cockpit is also a mean for the car to transfer accurate information about its intention and to co-manage a complex machine.

Mass-production vehicles have now the ressources to create an experience that also includes passengers. Not only by duplicating screen but by also duplicating the experience quality. We look at the passenger as a necessary piece of the puzzle that has so far been ignored. The passenger with its privacy need, personal information and personal settings need is as important as the driver in the design of a vehicle infotainment system.

As part of this thinking, Mindtronic AI innovates and holds diverse technology allowing a shared HMI.

The whole automotive industry value-chain is shifting furthermore toward SW and the novel differentiation factors while coping with the user digital life needs. This is triggering a massive adoption of smarter vehicles able to infer and display information in a much more interactive and connected way.

At Mindtronic AI we build a foundation for car manufacturers. Throughout the development of automotive-grade platform, we design the stack grounded up by computing hardware, multi-domain hypervisor, embedded deep learning framework, computer vision module, and application software interface.



The utmost comprehensive DMS solution.

Qualitative and light computer vision

A reference point for the car's decision making

The car of tomorrow will take into account the entire cabin activity. Recognizing the driver, assessing the driver ability and taking over when needed.

The importance of validation

A comprehensive integration

Safety Regulations and

Autonomous Driving

Our adaptive and robust algorithm guarantees high-quality image acquisition in adverse lighting conditions. The algorithms work in concert with the adaptive NIR array and allow the Driver Monitoring System to deliver constant, artifact resistant, quality output to the car system. The acquisition speed and quality is enabled by our high performance ultra light weight deep learning framework design in-house for low power embedded system.

The increasing number of high-end vehicles allowing drivers hands and minds off is changing the safety framework of passenger vehicles use. As it releases burdens and cognitive work load from the driver, it also creates a risky dialogue between the car and the driver as to who should be in control and when.

METRICS DIVERSITY: Through our Driver Monitoring System(DMS), MAI delivers a bridge between safety, convenience and comfort. Our approach is deeply focused on the human factor as the reference point for the vehicles action.

Our computer vision enables a comprehensive evaluation of the human driver abilities to control the car. The vehicle utilizes dozens of DMS metrics as a reference point to not only passively restrain the driver attention but to also make its own decision and deliver a comfortable and safe driving experience.


ACADEMIC and UX VALIDATION: Throughout multiple academia-industry collaboration, we acquired a critical knowledge of the human intention and physiological state evolution. From fatigue, responsiveness, multi-factor physiological clues, behavioral adaptation and more, we deliver today a highly comprehensive model for OEM and Tier-1 to create the safest and most enjoyable user experiences.

We work with consciousness and brain research center to validate the output of our DMS. We continuously identify corner cases and user experience inherent issues that might impair the vehicle and driver safety system.

The vertical integration of a DMS is a tedious work that requires accessing a large and diverse set of expertise to synchronize it with other devices in the car and applying it to diverse scenario in automated and manual drive.

Mindtronic AI is a partner of choice in that we will support the integration of the DMS at all stages throughout the whole technology stack with validation on our own manual and autonomous vehicles.

Beyond safety, the interaction with the driver is also highly important with the need for a clear and none-constraining UI and UX. The human ability to profit from system safety loophole and to avoid responsibility turns the UX and UI Design tasks into a daunting task. With the use of anthropology and psychology and a continuous work on the driver study, we are able to uphold the safety and comfort level of our DMS.

The EURO NCAP vehicle safety rating is to require, from 2020, any vehicles to be equipped with Driver Monitoring System in order to access the ultimate 5 stars rating. As it represents the world reference for car safety, other countries will follow and require new vehicles to have Driver Monitoring System.

In parallel semi-autonomous technologies like Highway Cruise Control, still require full attention from the driver. Current solutions based on steering wheel provides no indication as to where the driver's eye are directed hence not answering the question, "Is the driver paying attention?".

For that reason our Driver Monitoring System offers the car a precise evaluation of the driver gaze zones, state of fatigue, attention level and ability to take over or even control the vehicle in a safe way.

In that way the DMS module forms the critical bridge between the car and the driver to build upon the future of transportation where human and vehicles can complement each other skills.