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The utmost comprehensive DMS solution.



Mindtronic AI offers standalone DMS module board for directly integrating with vehicle's dashboard system; we also offer software SDK for integrating into any embedded hardware system. Our solution is validated in vehicle use case.

Qualitative and light computer vision

Our adaptive and robust algorithm guarantees high-quality image acquisition in adverse lighting conditions. The algorithms work in concert with the adaptive NIR array and allow the Driver Monitoring System to deliver constant, noise resistant, quality output to the car system. The acquisition speed and quality is enabled by our high performance ultra light weight deep learning framework design in-house for low power embedded system.

The increasing number of high-end vehicles allowing drivers hands and minds off is changing the safety framework of passenger vehicles use. As it releases burdens and cognitive work load from the driver, it also creates a risky dialogue between the car and the driver as to who should be in control and when. Taking into account the latest functional safety standard is important to deliver a qualitative and safe machine learning based solution.

A reference point for the car's decision making

The car of tomorrow will take into account the entire cabin activity. Recognizing the driver, assessing the driver ability and taking over when needed.

MAI Driver Monitoring module is a bridge between safety, convenience and comfort. Our approach is deeply focused on the human factor as the reference point for the vehicles action.

Our computer vision enables a comprehensive evaluation of the human driver abilities to control the car. The vehicle utilizes dozens of DMS metrics as a reference point to not only passively restrain the driver attention but to also make its own decision and deliver a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Our robotic and autonomous driving team is conducting advanced research using our DMS to support the vehicule decision making.

The importance of validation

ACADEMIC and UX VALIDATION: Throughout multiple academia-industry collaboration, we acquired a critical knowledge of the human intention and physiological state evolution. From fatigue, responsiveness, multi-factor physiological clues, behavioral adaptation and more, we deliver today a highly comprehensive model for OEM and Tier-1 to create the safest and most enjoyable user experiences.

This allows for high-level metrics such as drowsiness, engagement, mind off/on observation and prediction.

We work with consciousness and brain research center to validate the output of our DMS. We continuously identify corner cases and user experience inherent issues that might impair the vehicle and driver safety system.

A comprehensive integration

The vertical integration of a DMS is a tedious work that requires accessing a large and diverse set of expertise to synchronize it with other devices in the car. The driver monitoring system will also deliver a very different experience depending if the vehicle has autonomous driving capabilities or not.

Mindtronic AI is a partner of choice in that we will support the integration of the DMS at all stages throughout the whole technology stack with validation on our own manual and autonomous vehicles.

This allows for radically faster design iteration cycles and a projet management risk under control.


Beyond safety, the interaction with the driver is also highly important with the need for a clear and none-constraining UI and UX. The human ability to profit from system safety loophole and to avoid responsibility turns the UX and UI Design tasks into a daunting task. With the use of anthropology and psychology and a continuous work on the driver study, we are able to uphold the safety and comfort level of our DMS.

Safety Regulations and Autonomous Driving

The EURO NCAP vehicle safety rating is to require, from 2020, any vehicles to be equipped with Driver Monitoring System in order to access the ultimate 5 stars rating. As it represents the world reference for car safety, other countries will follow and require new vehicles to have Driver Monitoring System.

In parallel semi-autonomous technologies like Highway Cruise Control, still require full attention from the driver. Current solutions based on steering wheel provides no indication as to where the driver's eye are directed hence not answering the question, "Is the driver paying attention?".

For that reason our Driver Monitoring System offers the car a precise evaluation of the driver gaze zones, state of fatigue, attention level and ability to take over or even control the vehicle in a safe way.

In that way the DMS module forms the critical bridge between the car and the driver to build upon the future of transportation where human and vehicles complement each other skills.