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We specialize in designing fully inter- and intra-active HMI for an universal and immersive 3D experience.

Modifying our expectations

The disappearance of commands

We expect a vehicle to be easy to control and this has driven OEM to design vehicles with hundreds of commands, shaping our expectation of a highly functional and commandable vehicle.

In a world with AI, the machine enters into a metamorphose and is allowed to come to the driver in the meantime reducing the driver's command to a mere yes or no.

Our expectations can finally transit from easy commands to no command at all.

In this age, Mindtronic AI, is a leading expert in the creation of AI-driven UX and UI allowing a radical modification of our expectations and benefiting all stakeholders.

UI and UX complexity to create simplicity in a challenging environment

AI enabled Inter- and Intra-Interactive features.

Today, A.I. is not anymore a fancy word to describe a sole-purpose black box algorithm.

With increasing electronic component complexity, A.I. enables limitless Intra- and Inter- Interaction and customization.

From Multi-level biometric to destination inference and driver-passenger shared display, the car has reached the age of "Inference".

This means that Intra-Interactive modalities and architecture will require a new a set of skills to handle the complexity and opportunities. Mindtronic AI approaches this raising issue with a highly comprehensive solution and the access to a global picture including the latest Self-Driving technologies. This also means that the opportunities offered by Intra-Interactive features can transpose into exciting Inter-Interactive features to propels car HMI to a new level.

As a matter of facts, the number of opportunities is so wide that fast prototyping and design iteration phase will become more and more important. In that regard Mindtronic AI will lead the market with strategic partners enabling fast design iteration cycles till design requirements are established. Using the power of A.I. these innovative Inter-Interactive features are expected to reinforce current trends like NLP and Self-Driving while bringing new interaction modes such as Gaze control and Palm Recognition.

3D to beautify and convey emotions

New techniques and design innovations have created a whole new world of 3D UI in the automotive industry.

The power of 3D is in its ability to convey real life representation of objects thus representing associated emotions.

With new cutting-edge real time rendering techniques, new displays and lens technologies the opportunities enlarge for vehicle manufacturers.

At Mindtronic AI we take 3D as the beautifier and conveyor of our UI and UX emotions.

We develop set of technologies and design tools for Tier-1 and OEM to adapt to their market demand.