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Design the next generation

software and hardware stack for smart vehicles

Instrument Cluster

IVI - Central console

Domain controller


Embedded computer vision

Embedded Deep Learning framework

We provide design service to integrate the embedded AI framework, model, and applications into a full stack automotive hardware and software platform.

What is an A.I. Digital Cockpit ?

Enabling real-time inference.

The advent of Self-Driving cars does not mean a simpler interaction with the vehicle. Indeed, the number of actions required to feel good in a vehicle you use only as a taxi can easily be very constraining. As part of our technology platform design we strive to reduce the number of interactions to a bare minimum.

Our first objective is to delivery our customer with an AI ready set of technology, our second objective is to enable innovation and push for new use cases that delivers real benefit to the end user.

The AI Digital cockpit is a set of A.I. based technology allowing anyone to be recognized and serviced the way they should be a loyal customers. The A.I. cockpit is also a mean for the car to transfer accurate information about its intention and to co-manage a complex machine by keeping the human in the loop.

The AI digital cockpit serving passengers and drivers

The new era of shared infotainment.

Mass-production vehicles have now the ressources to create an experience that also includes passengers. Not only by duplicating screen but by also duplicating the experience quality. We look at the passenger as a necessary piece of the puzzle that has so far been ignored. The passenger with its privacy need, personal information and personal settings need is as important as the driver in the design of a vehicle infotainment system.

As part of this thinking, Mindtronic AI innovates and holds diverse technology allowing a shared HMI.

Our latest development include Palmer and Dirigent, two innovations recognized by a CES Innovation Awards 2019.

The importance of design and flexibility

A.I. foundation for digital cockpit developers.

The whole automotive industry value-chain is shifting furthermore toward SW and novel differentiation features while coping with the user digital life needs. This is triggering a massive adoption of smarter vehicles able to infer and display information in a much more interactive and connected way.

At Mindtronic AI we build a foundation for car manufacturers. Throughout the development of automotive-grade platform, we design the stack grounded up by computing hardware, multi-domain hypervisor, embedded deep learning framework, computer vision module, and application software interface.